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Club Sports Leadership Series

The NSU Club Sports Council wants to make sure that all new Club Sports and future potential Executive board members are equipped with the necessary knowledge to lead their team. The CS Leadership Series is a 5 week series designed to do just that, bringing in members of several departments at the university as well as the executive board members of the Club Sport Council.

Parker Sheppard

Club Sports Leadership Series Instructor

Club Sports Council President/ Founder

Swim Club President/ Founder

Club Sports Supervisor

Phone: 214-709-0784



Macy Roderick

Club Sport Leadership Series Instructor

Club Sports Council President/ Founder

Club Volleyball President/ Founder

Phone: 774-320-0248



Jerod Buchta

Club Sports Leadership Series Instructor

Club Sports Supervisor

Phone: 586-663-1998



Sarah Margolis

Club Sports Council Secretary

Swim Club Secretary

Phone: 339-788-8697


Week 1

  • Introductions
  • Purpose of Leadership Series
  • Description of each position and how this will help you
  • Understanding the requirements of each club sport
  • Marketing Presentation and expectations
  • For new sports only:
    • Google drive
    • Constitutions and expectations
    • Start an archive
    • Start an Instagram

Week 2

  • Purchasing equipment from an approved (or non approved) vendor
  • Purchasing apparel (or anything that is designed)
    • Approval process
  • Team event planning
  • Competition planning
  • Introduction to OrgSync
  • CS Point System
    • Logging Points in OrgSync

Week 3

  • How to go to a competition from beginning to end
    • Schedule competition
    • Travel Request
      • Waivers
    • Request for funds (reimbursement/ check request)
      • W-9 (if new vendor)
      • Invoice/ receipt
    • Travel information and rosters
    • Attend Competition
    • Competition report

Week 4

  • Leadership defined
  • Goal Setting

Week 5

  • Testing—final thoughts and questions
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