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Requirements to start a Club Sport

Please schedule a meeting with one of our Program Assistants before getting started on the paperwork to start a new club. We will give you a clear walkthrough on how to join our program as well as any program changes or advice catered to starting your particular club sport. 

You can start a Club Sport at any time of the year but to get guaranteed practice space, please start at the end of the previous semester and turn in paperwork two to three weeks before the start of the semester so you get ideal practice times on the schedule.

       MUST HAVE


Step 1

Build a Constitution

  • Club Mission Statement
  • Club Core Values
  • Bylaws the team will follow

Step 2

Submit a Roster of Players

  • A list of at least six 6 members OR half of the team’s starting lineup
  • Full names of each person
  • NSU Student ID number
  • NSU E-mail Address

Step 3

Identify Executive Board Members

  • President, Vice-President, Treasurer, & Two Risk Management Officers
  • Full names of each person
  • NSU Student ID number
  • NSU E-mail Address


Recommended Steps

Develop a projected budget


Create Short Term & Long Term Goals for the Team


Propose a Desired Practice Schedule for the Team

Questions to consider:


  • Club expenses 
  • Club revenues
  • Club goals per semester
  • Where will you practice?
  • How much practice time will you desire?

All of the above must be submitted to the Assistant Director for Intramural and Club Sports for review and approval. 

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