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RecPlex Sponsor-A-Member Program

The Sponsor-A Member Program is designed to allow individuals who do not have a direct Nova Southeastern University affiliation to join the RecPlex in conjunction with a friend or colleague that indeed does have an appropriate Nova Southeastern University affiliation.

Sponsors receive their own membership account and pay a rate of $45 per month.

Sponsors agree to all of the terms and conditions of the RecPlex contract as well as agree to the terms below. RecPlex Members may only sponsor one non-NSU affiliate at any given time. Sponsors are not allowed to sponsor other members.

Please see the Sponsor/Host agreement below.

Sponsor Agreement

As a sponsored member of the NSU RecPlex, I agree to abide by all policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the facility, a copy of which I have received. I have been informed of, and understand, all additional terms and conditions associated with my membership agreement. I acknowledge that violations of any and all policies, procedures, rules, and regulations may result in loss of my membership privileges.

I acknowledge that my host may, at any time, rescind my sponsorship and that I then will no longer be allowed access to the facility and I will not be charged for future use. I acknowledge that my sponsorship is valid for one membership year, through June 30th, and my host must reapply for my sponsorship each membership year.

Host Agreement

In acceptance of hosting a person who has no other Nova Southeastern University affiliation, I recognize that I can be held responsible for all actions of my sponsored member. I recognize that all actions of my sponsored member may reflect upon my membership status, up to and including the revocation of my membership privileges.

I recognize that I may be held responsible for any financial obligations that are incurred by my sponsored member, to include membership and program registration fees.

To sponsor a member, please visit the Campus Recreation Membership Office in the University Center or contact (954) 262-7323.

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