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Sponsorship and Partner Opportunities.

Please contact Jennifer Judkins at (954) 262-7040 or
for more information about available sponsorship and partnership opportunities

What NSU Recreation and Wellness Offers:

Want to reach the elusive 18–24 year olds? Want thousands of active NSU students, faculty and staff to see or hear your messages daily? Want the best bang for your buck? Want to make sure your company’s brand is seen?

Connect your company to our potential 26,000 student users and 11,000 faculty and staff members. Your name and message are seen repeatedly on a daily basis, unlike traditional advertising where it is usually a one-day, one-shot deal. RecWell facilities are open 16 hours a day, 360 days a year.

  • 96%of NSU students use NSU RecWell facilities or programs
  • 99% satisfaction with NSU RecWell among International students
  • 432,000 NSU RecPlex visits per year by students and members
  • 1,150 students participated in Intramurals
  • 120 new personal training clients per year with 1,000 sessions
  • 40+ group fitness classes offered each week with over 900 participants
  • 15 annual NSU RecPlex facility rentals (sports related)—not including Rick Case Arena special events and athletics events, various conferences hosted within the Don Taft University Center and orientations with new staff/students and their parents every week.
  • Gessner Field also attracts a variety of community and campus patrons through sporting events, Intramural Sports, Club Sports and outside field rentals

1,557 Instagram Followers, Average engagement: 35-50 likes per post

1,512 Facebook Likes, Average engagement: 10 check-ins per day

2,513 or 59% Average website views per week

41% New website visitors per week


Have your name be the first thing a person sees when going into the locker rooms, heading upstairs, etc. These full-color large graphic poster locations are in the main lobbies and walkways. It is a great way to be seen.

Poster Dimensions:

22″ wide x 28″ high


  • $1,800/year or $200/month: one in RecPlex AND one in Don Taft University Center
  • Student Orgs: $20/week; $75/month

Full color poster printed in-house for $25 each.

Banner Dimensions:

Gessner Field: 6 feet wide x 4 feet high

RecPlex: 5 feet wide x 3 feet high


  • $2,500/academic year or $500/month: one banner at Gessner Field and one banner in the RecPlex
  • Student Organizations: $20/week; $75/month

Full color banners printed in-house for $150 to $200 depending on size.


Donate 500 units per semester, no additional fee required.

Donation does not include addition special event requests.


Get your items directly into the audience’s hands.

$250 for 2 hours – 10' x10' booth (1 table, 2 chairs)

For larger product demos, facility rental charges may apply.


Be the title sponsor for Group Fitness, Intramurals, Outdoor Adventures, Personal Training, Learn-to-Swim, Scuba, or Club Sports!

Receive: Logo recognition on posters, web link, guide advertisement, product giveaways, and more!

Reach: Your brand will directly reach thousands of participants. This helps you reach a wide variety of participants or can be made specific to your target audience(s).

Price: Dependent on program and extent of brand placement.


Nova Southeastern University Recreation & Wellness is pleased to present a unique advertising opportunity to your business or organization. The 2017–18 school year is shaping up to be our biggest and best yet at the NSU RecPlex, and we believe your business or organization can benefit greatly by advertising on our exciting new RECWELL RADIO.

Your business or organization will be able to gain valuable exposure to the 1,200 students, faculty, staff and guests who spend time in our fitness center each day. RECWELL RADIO is our own custom radio station with DJ’s, great music and commercials for businesses or organizations like yours.

RECWELL RADIO has a great mix of upbeat, lyric-safe music and can be clearly heard throughout all areas of the RecPlex. Best of all, our guests are guaranteed to hear your commercials because they can’t change the channel!

Ad Length: 30 seconds

Locations: Your ad plays on all levels of the 100,000 sqft RecPlex facility – including in the locker rooms

Level 1

50+ commercials per month (2 per day)
$800/semester or $1,600/academic year
$200/month or $4.00/commercial

Note: this level is designed to run over 1-2 weeks max per month

 Level 2

125+ commercials per month (4 per day)
$1,600/semester or $3,200/academic year
$300/month or $2.40/commercial

Level 3

200+ commercials per month (7–8 per day)
$800/semester or $1,600/academic year
$400/month or $2.00/commercial

  • If desired, we’ll write / produce one (1) 0:30 second radio commercial for your business or organization at no charge if you purchase a Level 1–3 package; production fees for additional ads are $50 per commercial.
  • Your business or organization can purchase any desired number of commercials on a short-term basis for $5 per commercial.
  • 10% Discount applied when purchasing a full academic year on radio station.
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