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NSU Slimming with Sharks

2013 Slimmest Shark

Photo: Ashley Klein's Before and After Shots

The 2013 Slimming with Sharks winner, Ashley Klein! Ashley lost 22.11% of her total bodyweight (44lbs) during the program!


Established in the winter of 2007, more than 80 of NSU's students, faculty, and staff have participated in and completed this 16 week weight loss program and together have lost over 1,900 lbs! Each and every participant has shown significant health improvements to include weight loss, lowering their cholesterol and blood pressure, and/or increasing their flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, and overall strength! Most importantly, each person has expressed how much HAPPIER they are in their daily lives as a result of developing a more active and fit lifestyle!

Applications become available each fall. The selection process will also include a face-to-face interview. The interview and selection process will take place throughout the month of October. Those selected will need to complete a physical exam and bloodwork to confirm their placement in the program.

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