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Slimming with Sharks Program Info

Participation Requirements

  • Pre, Mid, and Post-Program Fitness Assessments
    • Assessments include cardiovascular test, push-up test, curl-up test, flexibility test, body fat measurements and more!
  • Pre, Mid, & Post-Program Physicals With Blood Work
    • Physical will be with Dr. Kusienski of the Sports Medicine Clinic.
    • Blood work will show the following:
      • Glucose levels
      • Triglycerides
      • Cholesterol (HDL, LDL and Total)
    • Must be medically cleared.
    • Only Blood work and Physical are covered by NSU (specialized testing or appointments to see a specialist to receive medical clearance are NOT covered)
  • Three weekly training sessions with their team trainer
    • Mondays - 6:15 a.m.
    • Wednesdays - 5:30 p.m.
    • Fridays - 5:30 p.m.
  • Monthly Nutrition Workshops
  • Monthly "Fitness Challenge"
    • Gold Circle Challenge
    • Fire Academy Challenge
  • One-on-One sessions with our registered dietician/nutritionist

Testimonies from Past Participants

Photo: Chris Pignetti's Before and After Profile

I feel very lucky for being involved with the Biggest Loser Program. It came along at the right time in my life. My weight and my health were probably at the worst point they ever were the day I interviewed (260 lbs, elevated blood sugar and high blood pressure). I was very concerned about my health and longevity due to my physical condition.

From the day of my interview Biggest Loser Program until now, I have lost about 70 lbs (6 pant sizes!!) and both my blood sugar and blood pressure are in line. I have gone from not being able to run across the street to running in the Shark Shuffle 5k. Overall, I am living a healthier lifestyle, have more confidence and am happier because of the experience. The experience has gone beyond affecting my life, but has affected my family's lifestyle as well due to healthier food and exercise.

The Biggest Loser Program was a true gift of which I am eternally grateful. I also owe great thanks to Marcela, Bryan, Marilyn, Lourdes, Chris, Anthony and Lindsey for their personal involvement in my turnaround.

Photo: Adrienne Lauer's Before and After Profile

The Slimming Sharks is an exceptional program at NSU. The trainers, coordinators and nutritionist were and are a terrific combination. The program has "re" introduced me to the gym and given me the endurance, strength and know-how to continue my work outs and nutrition goals. I was reminded, that for me it is NOT about "being skinny" but rather about remaining healthy! I loved working with my teams, meeting new people outside of my own department, and building camaraderie as we challenged ourselves to reach our individual goals. I am grateful that the Slimming Shark Team continues to "check" in with me and support me in my continued effort to remain healthy.

Photo: Antoinette Murray's Before and After Profile

Nova's biggest loser program was the best decision I made. I love everything about the program. It's organized in such a way you'll definitely see results. Where else can you get five months of personal training sessions with three personal trainers plus access to a professional nutritionist for such a reasonable cost? Nowhere, but with Slimming with the Sharks.

While on the program, I lost 31 pounds and additional weight after the program ended. Losing the weight has changed my life for the better. This program has taught me that foods I thought were healthy weren't so, and has educated me on eating properly, reading labels, and portion sizes.

All I can say is stick with the program, it works! I used to be a size 18/20 – I'm now down to a size 8/10!

Photo: Kesha Clacken's Before and After Profile

What the program has done for me, in simple words "educate, motivate and transform" my way of thinking about the weight loss process. It puts a lot of things into perspective, "that weight loss is not a quick fix, but a continuous work in progress." It helped me to realize that "it's ok to have a bad day, I can start again tomorrow." The big picture for me now is to help motivate others, hence keeping myself motivated. My brother ran two 5Ks because of my change of lifestyle attitude. When others are happy about their accomplishments, I am happier because I think in some way I may be a part of it.

Photo: Jim Wood's Before and After Profile

Best investment ever!!! The advice, training and support received from the staff and the trainers on nutrition and exercise enabled me to succeed where I had failed in the past. Since the program ended, my weight continues to drop. The secret: Just continue to attend the fitness classes at the RecPlex and apply what I learned in the program. The trainers in Spin, Body Sculpt, Yoga, Tabata and many other classes motivate me to work harder than I ever work on my own. Hard work pays off; I have lost over 60 pounds during the last 2 years and significantly increased my fitness level in the process. I will be forever grateful to everyone who has helped me during that period. I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank You All and see you in the RecPlex!

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