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Why is Campus Recreation a Great Place to work?

Rec Plex Staff

“I like working at the RecPlex because of the welcoming environment it provides. I enjoy coming to work not only for the great environment but for my co-workers. I have made great friends with them and they are part of the reason why I love this job. Not only do I gain great experience from here but I meet a lot of amazing people.”
- Angelica-Rec Star

“I enjoy working at the RecPlex because I’ve gotten to meet so many new people here at Nova Southeastern. This job gives great experience in customer service, and the environment here is warm and friendly.”
- Kassandra-Rec Super Star

“I like working at the RecPlex because i love working out and the staff is close to one another”
- Zach-Rec Star

“I love being in an environment were people can enjoy what they are doing”.
- Joshua-Rec Super Star

I like working at the RecPlex because I meet new people everyday and my co-worker's are the best!
- Yuby-Rec Super Star