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Recreation and Wellness Policies and Procedures

The following policies have been established by the Office of Recreation and Wellness to provide safe, fun, and enjoyable environments for all of our programs and services. Please be sure to become very familiar with these policies and procedures so to gain optimal enjoyment. Failure to abide by these policies or requests made by any campus recreation employee may result in ones inability to participate in certain programs and services.

RecPlex Policies and Procedures

  1. A valid NSU identification card is required to use the RecPlex. ID cards are non-transferable and for the exclusive use of the individual named on the card. ID cards will be confiscated (involved parties subject to disciplinary action) if presented by anyone other than the card owner. Suspensions and forfeiture of membership may occur as disciplinary action.
  2. All currently registered fee paying students are eligible to access the RecPlex.
  3. Participation in activity at the RecPlex is on a voluntary basis. By voluntarily electing to use the RecPlex participants assume all risk for any harm or injury sustained and hold Campus Recreation and Nova Southeastern University harmless.
  4. The RecPlex, including the pools and outdoor basketball courts, is an alcohol and tobacco free facility. RecPlex users who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the facility with an escort from NSU Public Safety and/or the Town of Davie Police Department.
  5. No food, gum, or beverage other than water and sports drinks are permitted inside the facility. Water and sports drinks must be in a sealable plastic bottle or container. The only designated area for food is the leisure pool upper deck patio.
  6. Proper attire to include closed toe and heel non-marking athletic shoe, workout t-shirt completely covering the mid-section, and athletic shorts/sweatpants are required at all times inside the facility. Bare skin contact with weight benches or chairs is not permitted due to safety and sanitation concerns. Persons using the swimming pool must wear proper bathing attire, and may not walk through facility in bathing attire uncovered.
  7. No gym bags, backpacks, luggage, duffel bags or purses are permitted. These represent a dangerous trip hazard and put items at risk for theft. These items must be stored in a locker.
  8. A towel is strongly encouraged in all areas of the RecPlex. Towels may be checked out at the Service Desk of the RecPlex.
  9. The RecPlex staff cannot guarantee the security of valuables, book bags, or other personal articles left unattended. Report any incidents of theft or loss to the staff at the front service desk.
  10. All RecPlex equipment shall remain in its designated areas. This includes but is not limited to plates, dumbbells, jungle-gym attachments, collars, and mats.
  11. Guests of the NSU RecPlex must be at least 18 years of age to be permitted into the facility with the notable exceptions of camp participants, swim lesson participants, and/or specific facility reservations.
  12. The RecPlex, or a portion of, may be closed to members and guests upon occasion, for maintenance and select University-related events.
  13. Report all equipment maintenance, safety problems, or issues to the RecPlex staff immediately. Do not attempt to use any equipment if in doubt of your safety.
  14. All policies are subject to change by the Office of Campus Recreation.
  15. Staff members are not to hold equipment, valuables, or bags for participants under any circumstances. Any items turned in to the desk will be immediately turned over to NSU Public Safety.
  16. Recognized service animals are the only animals allowed in the RecPlex.
  17. During any emergency situation it is expected that you follow the direction of the RecPlex staff on duty.
  1. Appropriate language is expected and should be appropriate for a family oriented University setting.
  2. Use of the RecPlex is a privilege, and all participants are expected to respect the rights of others. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Examples include the following:
    1. Verbal Abuse
    2. Physical Abuse
    3. Mental Abuse
    4. Obscene Gestures or Actions
    5. Abuse of Any Staff in any Form
    6. Profane or Indecent Language
  3. Headphones must be used with all personal electronic music players. Portable music systems are only permitted in the multipurpose rooms and in gym area for events with proper approval from Campus Recreation administration.
  4. Any incident involving a participant, member, or guest who strikes, hits, pushes, kicks, spits on, or threatens physical harm to another participant, member, guest, or staff member will result in immediate expulsion from the RecPlex and indefinite suspension from entrance into the RecPlex.
  1. Current RecPlex members, including NSU Students, may bring a maximum of two (2) guests with them each visit. The guest and the member must present themselves to the service desk and complete a Guest Waiver.”

    All guests must pay the guest fees as follows:

                            $5 day pass for guests of RecPlex Employees

                            $10 day pass for guests of RecPlex Members

                            $25 3-day pass for guests of RecPlex Members

                            $40 week pass for guests of RecPlex Members

    Please note: 3-day and week passes must be used consecutively and not at random.
  2. NSU Faculty, Staff, and Alumni who are not members of the RecPlex may also use the facility as a guest of Campus Recreation.
  3. All guests must provide a valid state issued photo ID or passport.
  4. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times. Members may be subject to disciplinary actions if their guest violates RecPlex policies.
  5. Members must stay in the facility at all times with their guest. 
  1. The purpose of the climbing wall is to provide for structured climbing time and activities as well as team-building exercises.
  2. The climbing wall will operate under the supervision of a certified climbing wall operator and during the designated hours of operation.
  3. All users must obey all commands given by the climbing wall operator.
  4. Persons may not propel themselves from the wall nor “swing” themselves to and from the wall.
  5. Chalk is not permitted at Climbing Rock Wall or in RecPlex facility.

Fitness Area

  1. The primary function of the fitness area is for open exercise.
  2. Fitness floor staff is responsible for enforcing all fitness area policies and protocols.
  3. Persons must be 18 years of age or older to use the strength and cardiovascular equipment.
  4. Users unfamiliar with the exercise equipment should seek help from the fitness room staff.
  5. Only a qualified RecPlex personal trainer may perform personal training. Providing these services may result in dismissal from the RecPlex and loss of membership. Personal trainer and personal training are defined as:

    • Personal Trainer
      Those who provide fitness advice and/or assist in the training of others in a one-to-one or group situation in a health/fitness center regardless of payment exchange or not.
    • Personal Training
      The act of any one and or/all of the following: screening and evaluating health and fitness, designing exercise programs, instructing in exercise techniques, supervising and monitoring others, and/or responding to questions and problems that arise.

Cardiovascular Area

  1. Persons should limit their cardiovascular workout to 30 minutes on the same piece of equipment while others are waiting.
  2. Cell phones are prohibited on cardio machines and while using fitness equipment.
  3. Please wipe down equipment handles, arms, panels, and seats after use with provided sanitary wipes located throughout the cardio area.
  4. Please use equipment for its intended purpose only. Patrons must walk facing forward on the treadmills. Patrons misusing equipment will be directed to use in the intended way. Failure to comply with this directive may result in expulsion from the facility.

Weight Area

  1. Close toe and heel athletic shoes must be worn in the weight area at all times.
  2. For safety and facility maintenance reasons, jeans, zippers, belts, snaps, metal studs, and other materials on clothing that may damage equipment, upholstery, or flooring are not permitted.
  3. All weight training should be performed in a controlled and safe manner. Slamming, dropping, or bouncing dumbbell or barbell weights is prohibited. Continued abuse of RecPlex equipment may result in expulsion from the RecPlex and possible suspension.
  4. All plate-loaded strength equipment must be used with collars.
  5. All persons lifting free weight barbells should do so with a spotter.
  6. When using free weights or selectorized strength equipment, persons should allow others to work-in with them when waiting.
  7. Leaning bars, weights, etc. on the walls, mirrors, or equipment is prohibited. Patrons must remain at least three (3) feet away from mirrors during activities. Please avoid touching or leaning on mirrors.
  8. Plates and dumbbells should be re-racked when they are finished being used. Do not allow weights to remain on barbells when a person has finished using a piece of equipment.
  9. All equipment should be wiped down after use. Sanitizer wipes are posted around the facility.
  10. Chalk is not permitted in the fitness area.
  11. For your safety, we highly recommend the use of safety belts while lifting weights.
  12. Olympic style lifts i.e. cleans, snatches, and jerks are only allowed on the lifting platform located in the free weight area of the 2nd floor.
  13. Do not stand on weight benches. Use equipment for its intended purpose only.
  1. The purpose of the men’s and women’s locker rooms is for daily storage of personal items associated with RecPlex activities, as well as a changing area for students, RecPlex members, and guests.
  2. Use of daily lockers is provided at no additional cost. For persons who wish to be able to store items overnight, locker rental is available. See the service desk.
  3. Persons may provide their own combination lock or may purchase a lock from the RecPlex service desk.
  4. Locks left on daily use lockers will be cut each evening. All items will be placed in Lost and Found and disposed of after seven days.
  5. Showers and restrooms are also located within the locker room area. Towels are required when using showers.

Multipurpose Gymnasium

  1. The primary use for this space will be open basketball, volleyball, and badminton, as well as formal intramural sports leagues and special events.
  2. The use of the badminton and or volleyball equipment will be during designated times and other times will be at the desecration of the facility supervisor.
  3. Snapping, grabbing, or hanging from basketball nets or rims is prohibited. This is a safety and maintenance concern. Violating this policy may result in expulsion from the facility.
  4. Participants must seek assistance from facility staff for adjustments to the volleyball or badminton setups.
  5. Campus Recreation programs have priority use in the gymnasium.

Multipurpose Studios

  1. The primary use for these spaces will be group exercise classes, instructional classes, and certification programs.
  2. Campus recreation programs have priority use of this facility space.

Racquetball Courts

  1. Reservations can be made at the Service Desk and online one day in advance of your reservation.
  2. Reservations are for one hour in length beginning on the hour. Users may sign up no more than one day in advance. There is a limit of one reservation per person per day.
  3. Eye guards are strongly recommended.
  4. Court reservations will be canceled if the court is not claimed by 10 minutes after the scheduled reservation time. Courts not claimed will be assigned to patrons on the waiting list.
  5. Weight equipment is not permitted on the racquetball courts.
  1. Saunas are located in both the men’s and women’s locker room areas.
  2. Recommended use of the sauna should be limited to no more than 15 minutes.
  3. Women who are pregnant should not use the sauna.
  4. Persons who have a history of medical problems should consult a doctor prior to use.
  5. Water should not be put on sauna "coals".
  6. Nudity is not permitted in the saunas. Private parts must be covered.
  7. Do not hang any article of clothing over sauna heaters.
  1. Membership to the RecPlex is open to the Nova Southeastern University community defined as: Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, NSU Affiliates, and their spouse, children, or immediate family members living in the same home.
  2. Members may also sponsor one non-NSU Affiliate for a one year membership.
  3. Membership term is one year starting from the initial month enrolled.
  4. Persons who activate their membership between the 1st and 15th of the month will be billed for the full month. Persons who activate their membership the 16th - 31st will be billed for 50% of the month.
  5. Faculty/Staff who are full time and get paid biweekly via payroll deduction will have their membership billed by payroll deduction.
  6. Memberships on reoccurring credit card draft, EFT, or payroll deduction will automatically renew.
  7. Memberships will be automatically terminated for employees that are on payroll deduction who cease employment at NSU.
  8. Cancellation requests prior to the one year anniversary date will require a $50 cancellation fee.
  9. Request for contract termination must be given in writing to the membership office 2 weeks before the next billing cycle, which is the 1st of the next month.
  10. Memberships cannot be transferred or assigned.
  11. Membership can be terminated or canceled by the RecPlex at any time, with or without cause and I may not be entitled to a refund of my membership upon such termination or cancellation.


  1. The Leisure pool and the Rolling Hills Residential pool are to be used only for leisure swimming, instructional swimming programs, and group exercise.
  2. The Competition Pool is to be used only for swimming and diving team practice, swim meets, lap swimming, and scuba diving certification.
  3. All rules and requests made by lifesaving personnel must be followed.
  4. Food and beverages are only allowed to be consumed on the upper patio deck of the Leisure Pool. No food or beverages are allowed to be taken into any of the NSU swimming pools.
  5. No chewing gum while swimming or while on the pool decks.
  6. Glass bottles are not permitted in or around the pools and pool decks. No glass items shall be permitted in any of the NSU swimming pool areas.
  7. No running on the pool decks.
  8. No horseplay, including flips or other dangerous dives into the pool.
  9. No animals are permitted in any of the NSU swimming pool areas, with the exception of guide/service dogs.  Guide/service dogs are allowed on deck, but not in the water. 
  10. No use of the pools beyond stated pool hours.
  11. Shower before entering NSU pools.
  12. Do not swallow the pool water.
  13. Persons with infectious or contagious health conditions are not permitted in the water.
  14. Persons with open cuts, sores, or heavily bandaged wounds are not permitted in the water.  If you have a bandage over a minor cut or abrasion please remove and dispose of before entering the pool area.
  15. No changing clothes on pool deck or outside the facility.
  16. Appropriate swim attire must be worn to enter the pool.  Sports bras, gym shorts, underwear, and colored t-shirts are not proper swim attire.
  17. No hanging on lane lines or safety ropes.
  18. No swimming under the bulkheads at Competition Pool.
  19. Private coaching/instruction is prohibited.  Only NSU authorized coaches and instructors are permitted to teach.
  20. Everyone must pass a swim test before entering deep water.  Weak or non-swimmers must remain in shallow water no deeper than their armpits.
  21. Floatation devices (e.g. water wings, swim suits with built in floatation, etc.) are not permitted.  Only U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets may be worn. 
  22. No prolonged breath holding.
  23. No persons under the influence of a controlled substance should enter the NSU Swimming Pools.
  24. No diving permitted in the Leisure Pool or in the Rolling Hills Residential Pool. Only competitive (supervised) diving is permitted in the Competition Pool.
  25. Infants/children who are not toilet trained must wear disposable swim diapers.
  26. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult supervisor (age 18+).
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