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NSU Cheerleaders posing

Immerse Into NSU's Club Sports!

Calling all sports fanatics and aspiring athletes! Nova Southeastern University's club sports scene is where it's at for fun, competition, and making memories that last. We've got over 20 teams to choose from, so whether you're a baller, a martial arts master in the making, or a dance whiz, there's a squad for you.

NSU Club Sports aren't just about winning (though that's pretty awesome too). It's about developing your skills, hanging with awesome people, and maybe even traveling with your team. Plus, if you used to be a high school athlete or dancer, this is a great way to keep your game on point. Sound exciting? Find your perfect club, below, and get in touch today!

For the most current listing of NSU Club Sports visit SharkHub

Club Sport Club Email Instagram Social Handle
Basketball (Men's)

Basketball (Women's)





Flag Football

Ice Hockey (Co-Ed)

Kokoro Dojo

Maasti Dance


Soccer (Men's)

Soccer (Women's)  @nsuwclubsoccer

Spikeball  @nsu_spikeball
Swimming  @nsu.clubswimming

Table Tennis  @nsutabletennis 
Ultimate Frisbee  @sharks_ultimate
Veera Dance  @nsuveera
Volleyball (Men's)  @nsumensvolleyball
Volleyball (Women's)  @nsuclubvb

Starting a Club Sport

Want a club sport we don't offer? Don't sweat it! Email to schedule a meeting with a program assistant. They'll walk you through the process of starting your own club, answer any questions, and keep you updated on program changes. Get the ball rolling today!

You can start a club sport at any time of the year. However, to obtain guaranteed practice space, it is best to start the process at the end of the previous semester. All paperwork must be turned in two to three weeks before the start of the semester to ensure you get ideal practice times on the schedule.

  1. Set up a meeting with our office
    1. Contact
    2. Get the resources you need to get started!
  2. Build a constitution, which includes:
    • Club mission statement
    • Club core values
    • Bylaws the team will follow
  3. Submit a roster of players, which must include:
    • A list of at least six members or half of the team's starting lineup
    • Full names of each person
    • NSU Student ID number
    • NSU email address
  4. Identify Executive Board members, including
    • President, Vice President, Treasurer and two Risk Management Officers
    • Full names of each person
    • NSU Student ID number
    • NSU email address

It is also recommended that you develop a projected budget, create short and long-term goals for the team, and propose a desired practice schedule for the team. 

All of the above must be submitted to the Assistant Director Intramural and Club Sports for review and approval. 

Contact Us

For additional information, please contact You can also follow us on Instagram (@nsu.clubsports) or visit our Resources page for important forms and documents. 

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