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Make Group Exercise a part of your routine!

The Fall Group Exercise Schedule begins August 21st!




  • Group Exercise is a great outlet to minimize and relieve stress!
  • Group Exercise helps lower your risk of heart disease by increasing cardiorespiratory efficiency.
  • Group exercise can help you with weight management, as well as muscle strength, endurance and flexibility!
  • Group Exercise helps you develop a routine and daily commitment to exercise and well-being!
  • Group Exercise helps you feel like a part of a great health and well-being COMMUNITY!


Maria Pontillo


Group Fitness Director / Doctor of Physical Therapy

Tierra Briscoe


Kelly Anne Concannon


Yoga Instructor / NSU Professor


Mike Davis


Spinning and HIIT Instructor 

Marilyn Gordon


Yoga Instructor /  Registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200, RYT 500 yoga teacher. She has additional training as an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist and an Ayurveda Lifestyle counselor.

Svilen Guenov


HIIT Instructor / NSU Alumni


Laura Lavery


Zumba Instructor / ZIN member since February 2010

Danielle Layne


Yoga Instructor  


Sanjana Likki


Body Sculpt and Cardio Dance Instructor / ACE Certified / NSU undergraduate student majoring in Biology with minors in Exercise Science and Honors Transdisciplinary Studies. 


Simone Morgan


Zumba Instructor / AuD student at NSU. Certified Dance2Fit instructor 

Lourdes Perez


Spinning and Body Sculpt Instructor


Erika Rayter


Spinning Instructor / Mad Dog Spinning Certified.  NSU Alumni and currently working full-time as a Forensic Accountant 


Emily Schacher


Yoga Instructor / Full-time middle school English teacher and lead small groups teaching adolescents mind-body skills. 

Scarlet Wood 


Zumba InstructorPh.D. student in NSU Clinical Psychology program.

Hello Sharks!

We are pleased to be able to offer live group exercise classes this fall, as well as to continue to deliver virtual classes via Zoom.  As we move forward, please note the following resources, guidelines, policies and procedures!


  • Class schedules for both live and virtual opportunities can be found on the NSU iShark mobile APP under the RecWell icon, then “Fitness”, then “Group Exercise Schedule”. Virtual classes will have a Zoom ID number and possibly a password.


  • All live classes will take place on either the RecPlex West indoor basketball court or the RecPlex outdoor basketball court near the leisure swimming pool.


  • ALL LIVE CLASSES WILL REQUIRE ADVANCED REGISTRATION. To register, please follow the following process:


  • Go to First time users must click the gold “sign-up” button at the top of the page. If you already have an account, you may simply “log-in”.


  • For all users, please select “Nova Southeastern University” as your school. Also, please use your NSU e-mail address for validation.


  • Once at this step, you may need to “refresh” the page to continue depending upon your device.


  • Once on the NSU IMLeagues homepage, select the “Fitness” icon at top left-hand side of the page. This will get you to the group exercise class schedule. 


  • You may then select the “All Classes” button to see all of the available classes and to register. You may also select a specific date to learn about live class opportunities that are date specific.


  • When you find a class you wish to take, please click on the green “sign-up” button. You will prompted to provide your NSU ID number as well as to “accept” the liability waiver.


  • Once this is complete, you should receive the following confirmation note; You are currently enrolled in this session. You are then all set!


  • All live class registrations will be available approximately 48 hours prior to the start of the class. You may register for a class up to one hour prior to the class start time.


  • All live classes will have registration caps. Classes will cap at between 25-30 people depending upon the class format. 


  • If you attempt to enroll for a class that has reached its cap, you will be placed on a waiting list. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE CLASS IF YOU ARE ON THE WAITING LIST.  If a spot opens up, you will be notified via e-mail.


  • If you registered for a class but determine you are unable to attend, please look to cancel your registration so that spot can go to another eager patron!


  • Temperature checks will be taken upon entry into the RecPlex. You must have a temperature of 100.1 or lower to be allowed into the facility. If you feel sick, have a fever or a cough, PLEASE STAY HOME!


  • Face coverings are required to be worn at all times while participating in live group exercise classes. Face shields may be worn but must be accompanied by a face covering!


  • Physical distancing is required while participating in live group exercise classes. We have marked the floors with blue tape to create “boxes” that promote staying apart.  Participants are required to, “stay in their box”, during the class and to be as close to the middle of the box at all times!


  • When you arrive to the RecPlex, please check-in with our facility attendant that will be stationed at the West basketball court. The attendant will confirm you are registered for the class and assign you your “box”.  We will fill the area from south to north so to encourage one-way traffic and as little participant cross-over as possible.


  • At the conclusion of the class, we will “dismiss” participants in the reverse order that they arrived (north to south) to again promote one-way traffic and avoid crossover. You will exit the facility by going through the far east double doors of the fitness center and follow the one-way traffic directions.


  • Mats, resistance bands, yoga blocks and the like will not be available. You may bring your own personal mats and bands if you choose. 


  • When appropriate, we will provide hand-weights for strength training related classes. RecPlex staff will wipe down all hand weights prior to the related class.  When the class is complete, patrons will be directed to place any weights they use into a designated bin so that they can be disinfected prior to the next use!


  • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer is available throughout the entire RecPlex facility.


  • Resealable water bottles are highly recommended as most RecPlex water fountains will be turned off.


  • Towels for sweat are required to participate in the live group exercise classes. Towels ARE NOT available for check-out at the RecPlex at this time!


Did you have a great workout today in group fitness? We invite your feedback on every experience with us! Whether you are new or one of our "regulars," we want to know about your experiences with our team of staff, our equipment, music, and special programs. All comments and suggestions are welcome! Please let us know by clicking here.

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