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Flex 30 Program

"Flexible Scheduling for Employees who wish to make health and fitness a part of their workday!"

The Flex 30 program is designed to assist and encourage employees who wish to incorporate health and wellness activities as part of their daily routine. The Flex 30 program allows employees to modify their traditional workday to provide time to exercise and recreate at the NSU RecPlex and/or take advantage of health and wellness educational programs offered by the University.

Simply put, so long as an employee maintains a 37.5 hour work week*, that employee may modify their current work schedule to allow for participation in fitness, wellness and recreational activities offered at NSU. This would include group fitness classes, swimming, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, instructional programs, educational seminars, personal training, traditional exercise, fitness assessment evaluations, and more.

NSU supports and encourages its employees in their efforts to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. The Flex 30 program is a great place to start!

*Employee work-schedules must be approved by ones immediate supervisor and are subject to review.

Jennifer Ramos   Dennise

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