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Group Exercise

Fitness opportunities are abundant with Recreation and Wellness. Regardless of your current level of fitness, our staff can assist you in reaching all of your current and future goals! Group Fitness is the exercise of choice when it comes to working out at NSU. Classes are fun, motivating, and challenging for all fitness levels.

Benefits of Group Fitness

  • Group Exercise is a great stress reliever for all fitness levels.
  • Aerobic exercise helps lower your risk of heart disease by increasing cardiorespiratory efficiency.
  • Regular exercise can not only help you lose excess body fat and tone your muscles, but it can also give you a renewed sense of well-being, both emotionally and physically!

Group X Schedule

Did you have a great workout today in group fitness? We invite your feedback on every experience with us! Whether you are new or one of our "regulars," we want to know about your experiences with our team of staff, our equipment, music, and special programs. All comments and suggestions are welcome! Please let us know by clicking here.

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